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Dan Hanzus and Bob Castrone love listening to music- almost as much as they love hanging out in a garage and talking about it. On The Throwback Podcast, lifelong friends revisit important albums from their past and go through them–track by track– with fresh ears. From the classics to the cringeworthy, every week is a throwback.


From Australia's Madonna to Canada's Creed to America's... Creed, 2002 had a lot of *interesting* music dominating the pop charts. This week, Dan and Bob travel back 18 years to revisit their senior year of college and check back in on the turn-of-the-century pop stars that you can still hear on the radio today. And Creed.

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Picture it: Baltimore Arena. December 2, 1999. Rage Against The Machine (and their opening act At The Drive In) playing to packed house TEEMING with RAGE fans... and Bob. This week, thanks to the voters on PATREON.COM/THROWBACKPOD, the guys finally hit one of the biggest acts of the 90's by revisiting the show from The Battle Of Los Angeles tour that Bob attended with his buddy Liar Steve. Huge hits, a memorable cover... and a little bit of Lou Bega mixed in.

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January 9, 2020

OASIS - Definitely Maybe

It's 2020, Bob is 40, and we're feeling supersonic -- let's kick off the decade with some cigarettes and alcohol. Definitely Maybe is a definitive LP of the 90's and a Britpop classic. It's also Bob's favorite Oasis album, so devoting an episode to it is the least we can do for the old man. Liam and Noel: welcome to the 3-timers club.

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