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Dan Hanzus and Bob Castrone love listening to music- almost as much as they love hanging out in a garage and talking about it. On The Throwback Podcast, lifelong friends revisit important albums from their past and go through them–track by track– with fresh ears. From the classics to the cringeworthy, every week is a throwback.


Let's go back to 1993, when Pop Music was everything, Bob and Dan weren't friends, and a trio of Sisters With Voices were burning up the charts. None of that matters, though, in an episode where Bob has a revelation that changes EVERYTHING. 

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September 16, 2020


IT'S BEEN building up to this: Barenaked Ladies week on the Throwback Pod. Following a Gretzky-like run on Canadian radio in the mid-90's, the melodic nerd rockers crossed the border and broke through big time with 1998's Stunt. From "One Week" to "It's All Been Done" to a Sleepy Sex Mix masterpiece, the boys dig into this Juno Award winning mega-seller. IT'S BEEN a long time coming.

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September 2, 2020

INXS - Kick

In 1987 INXS ruled the world. Led by a Mount Babemore frontman and a trio of brothers who, at the time, had all of their fingers, Australia's favorite sons dominated the late 80's with a cavalcade of catchy singles off their album Kick. So many hit singles. So much amazing sax. So many conversations about Michael Hutchence's hotness. And, for the first time in the history of the podcast, the guys get mad at Oasis! (Noel, specifically. He knows what he did.)

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